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Whenever we think to visit Orlando. First thought comes to our mind is, Disney Land or Theme Parks. What if we had visited these places before or looking for the things to do in Orlando besides theme Parks and Disney. What are the other Options?

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1 | Titanic | The Artifact Exhibition

The 20, 0000 sq. ft. Titanic Artifact Exhibition Museum located in Orange County, is a source of dual amazement for all age groups. This Museum memorizes the Great Shipwrecked, tragically sank in 1914 and lost more than 1500 lives.

The Museum gives you the feel of Titanic Ship as it used to be in 1914 before wrecking. The visitor can enjoy the self-guided tours to enjoy the Galleries and recreated rooms of Great Titanic Ship.

The Artifact Exhibition is redesigned in 2012, The Museum is loaded with 17 Galleries and 100 newly added artifacts found from the wrecked Titanic.

You can get the tickets for Children in $ 15 and $22 for Adults for Titanic the Artifact Museum. Besides you can Book Tickets ( )of 1st Class Gala Dinner Events in 42 $ + tax for child and 69 $ + Tax for adults.

2| Coca-Cola Orlando Eye

400 Feet high Coca-Cola Orlando Eye is an iconic Orlando attraction for all age groups. Visitors can enjoy this Air-Conditioned Capsule ride to have a thrilling aerial view of the Orlando City.

You can get the ticket pricing from the official website of Coca-Cola Orlando Eye.

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3 | Kennedy Space Center

Let’s visit the space on earth like an astronaut. Kids are always curious to experience about Science and Space.
Visiting Kennedy Space Center includes

• Training like an astronaut,
• Attending a special event
• Day of touring Kennedy Space Center

Missions in Kennedy Space Center are arranged in the chronological era. Visit the Kennedy Space Center will help you to know more about the future space missions and Heroes. People of every age group are allowed to visit this center.

4| The Escape Game Orlando

An Amazing heroic tourist Attraction in Orange County of Orlando. You will have to move like a hero to enjoy this time. You will be given some missions, escapes to fulfill in the adventurous heroic way.

You can enjoy the following themes

Gold Rush: You have to hunt the Gold in this game. There are 2 to 8 Players in this game

Classifies: You along with your team is working with an international anti-terrorist organization. You have to investigate the matter with some details to deal with Major terrorist Threat. Be a hero to save the world.

Prison Break: This game is about, If you are wrongfully accused of the crime you did not commit, and you will be put locked in Prison. How will you manage your escape in one hour?

Visit planet Mars : You have landed on Mars for exploring purpose, Your spacecraft has a major damage, you have 60 Minutes to repair and manage escape to land before cosmic radiation destroy your system.

The Heist: An Art masterpiece is stolen, you have 60 minutes to recover that masterpiece after investigation, and otherwise you will be considered as the thief by the authorities.

5 | Slice Art District in Downtown Orlando.

For Art lovers, Orlando Slice Centre is one of the best places to visit in downtown, Orlando.

Downtown is the hub of Art and culture of Central Florida including Modern Art, Classical Music, and Historical exhibits.

There are more than 35 Points including museums, Theatres, Galleries, Miniature Shop, Comedy Clubs, Art Studios and more.

6| Swim with Dolphins at Discovery Cove

How lovely it is, why Dolphins swim with kids like their best friends. Human-Friendly animals are the great source of happiness for kids. At Discovery You can feed the Dolphins and play with them.

There are variety of Packages according to your requirements.

7 | Orlando Science Centre

Listen to your inner Einstein at Orlando Science Center. Orlando Science Centre with an approximate area of 11000 Sq. Ft is a private Museum to provide an opportunity to learn and understand more about science and technology.

Although, it is for all age groups but mainly for kids. There is most powerful telescopes of Orlando and a CineDome with a variety of Films and laser-light shows.

8 | Orlando Baloon Rides | Up, High & Away

Orlando Balloon Ride gives you an opportunity to see the Orlando, you have never seen before. Balloon Rides with Expert and license Balloon Pilot will give the safe adventurous ride of approximately 7 miles.

Bring the Cameras with batteries and protective case and capture the best scenes from the height.

Ballon Flights with 16 -20 Passengers take off just after the sunrise only if weather conditions are favorable. The average length of the flight is 45 minutes.

Children between 6 – 14 can enjoy this ride in 99$ for weekdays and 109$ for the weekend and for adults ticket price is 195 $ for weekdays and 225$ for the weekend. Although, you can see promotions from official website of Orlando Balloon Rides

9 |Orlando Heli Tours

Heli Tours give you chance to fly over the theme parks and Florida Land Scape. Choose the Heli Tours from any of the three given locations and make long-lasting memories with your loved one.

There are 8 Types of Tours including Celebrity Grand Tour, Downtown Disney/Typhoon Lagoon Combo Tour, Disney Spectacular Tour, Disney/SeaWorld Combo Tour, Epcot Fireworks Tour, Grand Park Adventure Tour, SeaWorld Adventure Tour, SeaWorld/Universal Combo Tour.

For pricing, Tickets, Distance, Departure location you can visit the official website of Orlando Heli Tours 

(10)IFLY World | Indoor Skydiving

Indoor Skydiving is a Simulation in a vertical wind Tunnel that helps your dream of skydiving comes true.

You need to get some useful information before experiencing this simulating Skydiving. Average 45 minutes ride in IFLY World will give you an adventurous spark.

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