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As the topic must have stunned you already, you must be thinking are there really any Free Things To Do In Orlando FL? When you name it DISNEY comes to your mind. No exaggeration, it is quite a valid thought. But what rings inside your brain after the word Disney? EXPENSIVE!


Though known and loved for the fancy Disney land, it might not be the place where everyone can comfortably go due to the price tag. It is creative, colorful, fancy and fun but unfortunately, it does rip your pockets off.


But we have some good news for you. You can still go to Orlando and have the best times of your life if you are on a budget.

Travelroach brings you the list of free things to do in Orlando Fl. Enjoy for now! you can thank us later!

1) Winter Park’s Farmers Market


Disney is n’t the only colorful place in Orlando. If you are adult, in particular, you will love this place. You can explore the local vendors here.

The fresh lineup of Farmer’s Market is truly a treat for your eyes. If you’re visiting Orlando in March (which is one of the best times to visit Orlando), the market is closed on third Saturday of the month for Winter Park’s Sidewalk Art Festival, one of the largest and oldest free events in Orlando!

2) Lakeridge Winery And Vineyards


Talk about Florida, and you can’t skip the wine. Lakeridge is known for award-winning wines and the overall vibe of the place is one of a kind.

Good news u.l,  with the visit, wine tasting is completely free here as well. Plus, kids will really enjoy here too!
You must be thinking, what must be free things to do in Orlando for kids? They have popular music festivals and wine-stomping competitions.

3) The Old Town Orlando | Free things to do in Orlando 


Completely free to enter and enjoy, Old Town, Orlando has a lot to offer you. Landmarks, amusement parks, and souvenir shops name it and you can enjoy here for free.

 if you are a foodie, you will really enjoy being here. The place has countless cost-friendly eating options.

On each Wednesday, There is also a street party so come prepared for the dancing!

On Friday and Saturday nights, you can also enjoy antique car shows.

What more can one ask for?

4) The Big Tree Park |Oldest and largest Tree in America

If you are looking for things to do in Orlando for free and also like a little piece of history, you will love this place.

Big Tree Park got its name from the big three, the 3500 years old Senator. It was burned down and the remains are still there, along with its antique sister tree, the 2000 years old Lady Liberty. There are trails and a beautiful playground as well. Just a very refreshing a fun place to visit!

5) Disney Springs


The Disney Springs is a shops corridor, bars, and restaurants. If you are an outdoor activity lover, this is your jam! You can also enjoy free parking here, which is a rare stuff to find in Orlando.

One of the biggest Orlando free attractions here is the Lego Imagination Center. Kids and adults alike can really have the best time here, losing the imagination in the world of Legos. And guess what? To play in this Lego dream lover’s place, you don’t have to pay a penny! Waooww !

6)CityArts Factory| Performance & Event Venue |Museum


City Arts Factory,  performance & Event Venue and Museum is located at Orange Ave.

If you are an Art Lover and looking for free indoor activities in Orlando, you will quite enjoy being here.

This is truly an artist’s dream with the biggest collection of art galleries in Orlando. This place houses masterpieces from local and international artists.

Admission here is absolutely Free from 11 am to 6 pm, from Tuesday to Saturday. It is a great escape from reality to the colorful and imaginative world.  Totally Free but worth it.

7) Celebration Town Center


This extraordinary town was designed by Disney, with beautiful pastel-colored houses and white fences. People love to come here and have a romantic walk by the lake.

You can find a variety of shopping and entertainment options here as well. You can also enjoy amazing car shows, art stalls, and fun events. An amazing place for all the entertainment goodness!

8) Black Hammock Adventures

Source: img.groupon.cdn

If you have an adventurous soul and are looking for free stuff to do in Orlando, you MUST stop by this place.

Located at the popular Lake Jesup, this is the home to about 9000 gators! Did you hear it right?

You see  NAT-GEO a lot here and honestly because this might be the only place where you can see bald eagles. Despite being such an attraction and popular, this place is FREE Place to visit in Orlando

The Fort Christmas

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Again if you like to add an ingredient of history to your travel recipe, The Fort Christmas is another option for you.

Usually, the historical places are pretty expensive and people have turned it into an earning option, but this Historical Place is another place to do in Orlando.

Built during the Second Seminole War, this stunning place has seven antique cracker styled homes.

People love to turn to this place to interact with nature and history. Plus this place also has free events like bluegrass festival.

10) Lake Eola


If you are looking for free things to do in Orlando that don’t involve much hassle and noise, come to the heavenly goodness of Eola.

Large swans and peace of the waters are all your busy mind needs. Plus, if you are a photo hoarder, you will love this place as the backgrounds are insta-worthy. Whether on a budget or not, do spare your time and pay a visit.

Hope you found this article helpful. So what is your favorite on-the-list location from these?