Is Free things to do in Chicago Worth [$] To You?

You too a Travel Lover? But find it hard to go anywhere because of no money or lack of money? Who says you can’t enjoy traveling without money? I think we can enjoy more without money. We will discuss the fun and free things to do in Chicago.

Not all beautiful and attractive things are paid. But some free things to do in Chicago are more adventurous and energetic than paid.

They are so many things to do in Chicago including free concerts, free festivals, and free events. There are some other most affordable things to do including

(1)Chicago Greeter | Free Tour Guide in Chicago

Whenever you plan to go to a new place to visit. You need proper guidance to make your trip more productive. There must be someone to guide you, where to go? Where to stay and how you can see best places in Chicago.

Chicago Greeters | Free things to do in Chicago

Chicago Greeters | Free things to do in Chicago

Unfortunately, Local Guides do not give this service free of cost at most of the places.

Getting the service of the Local Guide is the first thing to do whenever or wherever we intend to travel. It gives us the extra pleasure when we came to know Local Guide service is Free. You can plan your trip in a most affordable way to travel in Chicago.

But, Chicago Greeter program gives you an opportunity to visit free places to visit in Chicago. This Program provides you the FREE TOUR GUIDE who help you to visit neighborhoods and attractions of the Chicago city.

But keep this in mind, You have to do the advance booking of FREE TOUR GUIDE. One Tour can accompany 6 visitors. That is why Getting the service of Free Tour Guide can be very beneficial to know more about the local places in Chicago.

If you forget to do 10 days advance booking, InstaGreeter give an opportunity

Hour-long guided walk of downtown and seasonally, Millennium Park, Uptown, and Hyde Park is best for visitors with flexible dates.

These walks with the Greeters are “do more in less time” and very informative. Greeters and InstaGreeters are one of the most affordable and informative ways of Traveling.

InstaGreeters walks are one Free. They do not need any pre-registration. You can get the days and time details of the InstaGreeters from the official website of Chicago Greeter.

Or you can email at to get more details about Chicago Greeters and InstaGreeters

(2) LINCOLN PARK ZOO | Free Things to do in Chicago with Kids

If you are looking for free things to do Chicago with kids, Probably, Zoo is the best place to visit in Chicago for every age.

Lincoln Park zoo is open 365 days without any day off. It is one of the Free things to do in Chicago with kids. This is considered one of the oldest zoo in the United States.

Lincoln Park zoo is located is at 2001 N Clark St. Chicago, IL 60614, USA.

The zoo is accessible by Buses, Trains, Cabs, Bicycle Racks, Trolley and double-decker services.

Although Entrance is free, Parking Fee is $25 to $35. Zoo opens at 10 o’clock in the morning but closing time is according to the season.

LINCOLN PARK ZOO | Free things to do in Chicago

LINCOLN PARK ZOO | Free things to do in Chicago

Zoo has a variety of species of Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, and Amphibians.

Prominent Animals present in the zoo are elephants, giraffes, African Lions, sea lions, gorillas, Siberian tiger, Pandas, Amur Leopard, Camel, monkey, zebra.

There is a variety of Birds mammals, reptiles and Amphibians are also present in the zoo.

(3)National Museum of Mexican Art | Free Attractions of Chicago

A great place for Art lovers with more than 10,000 objects. National Museum of Mexican Art(NMMA) is considered one of the best places to visit in Chicago

National Museum of Mexican Art represents the Mexican, Latino and Chicano Art and Culture. Museum located at 1852 W 19th St, Chicago, IL 60608, USA is open 10 ‘O clock in the morning and stay open till 5 o’clock in the evening.

Admission to the Museum is totally free. It is a non-profit organization and funded by the donations.

Museum Art has a variety of collection including Ephemera, Folk Art, Photography, Paintings, Sculptures Pre-Cuauhtémoc, Prints, and Drawings. Museum also hosts cultural programs.

According to the American Alliance of Museums, National Museum of Arts maintains the highest quality of standards.

(4)Navy Pier | One of the Best places to visit in Chicago

Navy Pier is located between Illinois and Grand Avenue at 600 E. Grand Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611. More than 9 million visitors came here annually. It is considered one of the most visited attractions in Chicago.

Admission to Navy Pier is free and open to the public throughout the year. It’s only the entrance which is free but not all the other attractions of Navy Pier.

Free things to do in Chicago

Free things to do in Chicago

Once you enter the Navy Pier, There are so many paid things to di in Navy Pier including


If you want to buy the tickets to know more about the Navy Pier, you can visit the official website of Navy Pier.

(5)Free BREWERY | Fun Free things to do in Chicago

If you want to get the free Brewery from Two Brothers Brewery in Warrenville. You have to be there on given time on Saturday and Sunday.

You cannot do the advances booking but you have to follow the first come first serve (FIFO) rule to get the free Brewery.

Free things to do in Chicago

Free things to do in Chicago

If you want to get the free Brewery in other days of the week. There is another city’s largest Brewery Company. Lagunitas Brewing Company does the tour for free in Douglas Park from Monday to Friday. They also do hourly tours on weekends.

Kedzie Production Brewery is another source of the free brewery which offers Brewery for 30 peoples.

(6) Watch Free Outdoor Movies | Free Stuff to do in Chicago

Free things to do in Chicago

Free things to do in Chicago

Visitors can enjoy open-air free movies under the stars in the summer season.

Chicago Park District offers hundreds of free outdoor movies including classing, new-hits and family movies in different parts of the city in summer.

It is the free service offering over 200 movies throughout the city.

(7)  Chicago Air and Water Show | One of the best things to do in Chicago

Admission is totally free.  Annually, More than two million people came to see Air and water show held by the Shell Oil Products U.S at Michigan Lake. Air and water show Chicago held once in a year.

For the year 2018, Water Air and Water show Chicago will be held on 18, 19 August from 10 am to 3 pm.

For a better view of the show, you can grab the spot on North Avenue Beach from Fullerton Avenue to Oak Street.

Performers from the U. S Army, the U.S Coastguards, and U.S Navy Blue angels show their best skills on water and Air.

(8) Millennium Park | Free things to do in Chicago for Adults

Millennium Park is one of the best Point of interest in Chicago for Adults,  for local and people came from other places.  Park has a playground with the variety of sculptures, the acoustically-sound Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Lurie Gardens, and other facilities for the visitors.

If you are looking for free things to do in Chicago in winter. Probably, Millennium Park is the best place for skating in Chicago. Millennium Park is always busy with the ice skaters in winter.

Free concerts and workouts are the free things to do in Chicago in the summer season.

Chase Promenade, Wrigley Square, Cloud Gate, Crown Fountain, McDonald’s Cycle Center, Lurie Garden and

Harris Theater is another point of interest in Millennium Park, Chicago.

(9)Federal Reserve Bank Money Museum | Free things to do in Chicago for Adults

Federal Reserve Bank Money Museum is the free place to visit for adults only at the age of 18 or above.

Have you ever seen One million dollars? Probably, Federal Reserve Bank Money Museum is the place you will fulfill your wish.

You will get the free guided visit to the Museum. You will have to accompany with 15 or more people to visit the museum from 8:30 morning to 05:00 pm in the evening. A valid Government Issued photo national identity card as an entrance requirement.

You are not allowed to take objectionable, illegal or ban items with you for security reasons. Because you have to go through screening before entering the Museum.

You do not need to get the advance booking. If you want to join the guided tour of 30 minutes, you can visit the Museum from Monday – Friday at 1 pm

Real historical currency and artifacts tell the story of United States dollar.

Pine Tree Shilling and currency from the U.S civil war are present in the Treasure in the Museum.

Museum will give you the guidance to detect counterfeit currency and make your transactions smoothly and smoothly.

(10)Chicago Botanic Garden| Free things to do for Families

Spreading over the area of 385 acres Chicago Botanic Garden having of landscaped gardens displaying a variety of plants & flowers. Probably it is one of the Free attractions Chicago for Families.

Entrance to the Park is free for all. If you are the member, the parking fee is free as well. But if you are not the member you have to pay $25 to $65 depend on your vehicle.

Garden is a peaceful and safe place for visitors. Garden have the collection of native inhabitants.

You are not to allow to take pets with you but service animals are allowed.

There are shops, Trams, Group Visits, Walking, Photography, Biking, and Birding to enjoy your trip. But you are not allowed to play sports activities in the Garden.