Disneyland Secrets

February 3, 2018 Best PlacesTo Visit, Travel

1 | Walt Disney Had a Private Apartment above the Fire Station in the Main Street to keep an Eye on Progress of work

Disneyland was built under the supervision of Walt Disney. During the construction of the Park, Walt Disney had a Private and hidden apartment on the second floor of the Main Street Firehouse to see the progress of the construction work in the Park.
You can still see that window with the light ON in Main Street.

2| Special Window for dedication to the honorable Disney Legends

Some windows are present in the park to give credit those, who contribute a lot along with their achievements and services for the Disney Park.
There is also a special honor for those employees who server the Disney for the lifetime and reaching their retirement. There will be the award to respect them for the services and achievements

Whose photo and work will be entitled to display on the window?

It is mutually decided by Walt Disney Imagineering and top-level individual Park Management.
For example, Walt Disney’s window is labeled as Disneyland Casting Agency.

3 |Steve Martin did his Starting Job in Disney Land as Book Seller

American Actor, Steve Martin used to sell guidebooks and work in the Main street Magic shop at Disney. Wally Boag was his first comedy learning school for him.

4 | Test Brick wall of Different Bricks size and Shape

Next to the lockers, behind the water fountains on Main Street, There is a test wall made up of bricks of different size and shape. This Test Wall was built because Walt Disney wants to figure out the most suitable size and shape of bricks that could be used in Construction of Park.

5| Marceline Missouri, Walt Disney wants to share his Childhood memories with his Guest.

To Share Childhood memories with guest, Walt wants to construct this place which is highly resembled his Childhood place Marceline Missouri.

6 | Vision Deception at Main Street

There are three main eye-deceptive features in the main street.

• Buildings in Main Street looks bigger than its original size.
• If you are walking towards Castle, It does not seem very far.
• If you are going out from the park towards the exit, Main Street will look longer.

7 | Story behind 1313 number in the address of Disney land

13 Letter of the Alphabet is M in the address of Disneyland is 1313 Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802, USA.  1313 shows “MM” which means Mickey Mouse, so this the story behind 1313.

8| Story behind Green Paint on Useless things in the Park

Have you ever noticed why all the buildings and unattractive things in the Disney land are painted with Green color?
There is sense behind the Green. This color gives the special effect that things are less noticeable the useless stuff and unattractive background.

9| The Smellitzer

Intentionally pump candy smell in the vent which produces amazing sense of candies and other eatables into the main street through a window.

10| The Bench where the Walter Disney first engrave Disney Land is present in Disney Land Now!

For the first time, A brilliant idea of building Disney land hit the mind of Walt Disney while he was sitting on a bench during his visit to the Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round in Los Angeles.
He uses to visit this park alone with her two daughters, and waiting on the bench to play them in the park. He got to build a new theme Park where their children can enjoy magical attractions.

11 | An Amazing way to Eradicate Rats from the Park.

To Control the Mice Population in the Park, Administration finds a unique solution to kill the Mice with the help of Cats. There are Feral Cats in the Park which they set them free during the night to capture the Mice. In Daytime, Cats are again captured in cat-houses.

12 | Train Tracks were re-laid because they do not meet with 6/8 scale

When train track in the park was laid for the first time, Walt Disney feels unhappy with the tracks. He thinks if everything is in the park is according to the 6/8 scale then why this track is beyond this scale.
So, he ordered to pulled off train tracks and rock and adjust it to 6/8 scale.
While you are enjoying the train ride at Main Street, parallel to the track you will see an additional track remaining.

13 | Visible but Not Easily Noticeable Golden Dots beneath Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

Beneath Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, There are Golden Dots but not easily visible. It just amazes me how 1000s of people walk over it every day and very rare people noticed those Golden Dots.