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Bird Island NC


Bird Island NC, is underdeveloped Island. Before 2002, Bird Island NC was owned Privately. Later on, State of Carolina bought this island in 4.2 Million USD and transfer it into coastal reserve.

Bird Island is free to visit but the wheelchair is not accessible. There is no WiFi at Bird Island. Beach is Pet-Friendly.

Bird Island reserves the area of 1300  acres.If you follow the coastal line toward the South Carolina Border, you can reach the South Carolina Border.

Island reserve is the national state preserve for the species which are endangered or threaten.

Bird Island is the habitat of Coastal preserves including Loggerhead Turtles and Purple Sandpiper.

While, Maritime forest, Shoreline, Dunes and Marshland are the habitats for different species of Birds.

One of the most interesting things at Bird Island is “Kindred Spirit Mailbox”.

After Treking, Visitors can write down their views and thoughts on a notepad present in the mailbox.


Bird Island NC

Kindred Spirit Mailbox| bird island NC


Map of Bird Island

Bird Island Map

How do you get to Bird Island NC?

Bird Island is connected to the sunset beach. Once you reach Sunset Beach, you can reach Bird Island by boat, walking in gentle breeze or biking along the seashore.

Educational Walk Organized by Bird Island Preservation Society Stewards

In every Summer from June to August, An Educational walk with proper guidance is organized by Bird Island preservation Society Stewards.

Every Wednesday, About 2 hours long Walk Starts from 40th street walkover and the beach.

Can I drive on the Bird Island?


Yes, you can ride the bicycle along the coast.

What to Eat? | Where to stay? | Where to shop at Bird Islan NC

Are there shops and restaurants in Bird Island, NC?

There are no houses or no restroom at Bird Island. There are no shops to eat or shop. If you plan to visit bird island. We advise you to bring your water bottle.