Best Time to Visit Orlando | When to Visit Orlando to have more Fun

December 29, 2017 Best PlacesTo Visit, Orlando

Orlando, Florida is known for its beauty. To its lucky visitors and residents, it provides sights that one might hardly have seen before. But the experience can be amped up significantly if you are aware of the best time to visit Orlando.

Wildlife, nature, theme parks, beaches, water parks, Disney parks etc. You can name anything and it will be in Orlando. It has parks that revolve around many different subjects, that perfectly depicts the versatility you get to enjoy here.

best time to visit Orlando


There are a few significant attributes like the weather patterns etc that you should know before you go there so you can prepare accordingly. Not to worry, Travel Roach is here to provide you with it.


The best time to visit Orlando is in spring, mostly from March to May or during September. During this time, the weather is perfect. It is the ideal time to go out and enjoy yourselves. Also, during these months the rents and prices of hotels and resorts in Orlando drop significantly low.

It is usually unadvised to visit it in summers. During summers, the heat is unbearable. During hotter months, you may not enjoy the experience as much due to the extremity of the weather.

best time to visit Orlando

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The rents of the resorts and hotels also increase. With the June sun burning the city, you will just have to stay inside. The best time to visit Orlando is September, during this month you will see less crowd on the street and hotels or restaurants are coming up with all types of new deals that you will obviously like.

Though, Florida itself is very famous because of the sun. Many people think that summer is the ideal time but the humidity and the summer wind is a little too much to handle for the foreigners.

During the preferred months of March, April, May and September hotels not only lower their rents but prices on other facilities as well. Other than that, parks, museums resorts and tourist companies etc. come up with amazing deals. Also, during this time of the year, not many people are out there to explore the city.

If you are on a budget, there is a ton of free things to do in Orlando as well, hence coupled with love price of living, it will not break your bank and still provide a mind-blowing experience.


Orlando has uncountable spots that one can visit. If you are looking for things to do in Orlando with kids, don’t even think twice. Disney theme park, Harry Potter theme park and a lot more that makes it an ideal place to enjoy with kids.

best time to visit Orlando

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If you are a nature lover and are eager to know about things to do in Orlando besides theme parks,  It also has a beautiful wildlife.

Orlando has other places like Gatorland, where visitors get to witness a park where you find bald gators. Impressed much? You get to see different types of gator, they exist in all sizes as well. You get to interact with the animals there.

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Another popular park named Sea World is everything a nature lover would want to see! It houses a wide range of aquatic animals and not only that, but the visitors get to see the aquatic life in a whole new way by personally experiencing the interaction.


Orlando is known as ‘The Beautiful City’ and its nickname fully describes the place itself. From breathtaking beaches to museums, the city has it all.

The weather makes the experience of the beaches even more beautiful. It has many natural preserves like the Tibet-Butler Preserve.

If you want to have a completely unique encounter with nature then this is definitely the place. The view is breath-taking in all it’s connotations.

best time to visit Orlando


Orlando is a city of nature. If you want to examine nature closely and want it to be a completely new and different experience then you must pay a visit to the beautiful city. It has countless places that you can visit.

However, in order to enjoy your trip to the maximum, you must also keep an eye on your budget. Make sure that you do not spend too much on hotel rents and food and choose the ideal and best time to visit Orlando so that you can visit places this city is mainly known for.


Other than the breathtaking places here, another thing that makes it one of a kind is the food here. It hosts dishes and foods that you might not find somewhere in the world. The restaurants here offer the most delicious food that you will ever experience. So if you are anxious that days may go too well and nights can be boring, there is a long list of things to do in Orlando at night.

The bars, food places, and nightlife provide a whole new experience. The people in Orlando are also very friendly. They welcome tourists and visitors with open arms and help them whenever they can. They treat their visitors very nicely and dedicatedly.

best time to visit Orlando

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Once you are done with your tour of the city and go back, you will surely miss breathing in the fresh air of the city, examining natural beaches and trying out new foods at the restaurants you go to. Take a walk down the streets of Orlando, and even that will have a whole new feeling of its own.

Hope we have helped you in choosing the best time to visit Orlando. Pay a visit in these months and you’ll keep reminiscing about your trip!