Best Time To Visit Iceland Strategies For Beginners

Iceland, the name may suggest it to be a place that is at all times drowning in snow. But there is more to this country than that. When you educate yourself about the best time to visit Iceland prior to the visit, it is a truly stunning place. People often go there to witness the phenomenon themselves.

If you are planning on visiting Iceland but are thinking of the ideal time or are in search of information then you have come to the right place. To actually enjoy this country to the fullest, knowing all the pros and cons and all the minute details is a must.

You might also want to know when is the best time to visit Iceland, so the country can be enjoyed to the fullest. If you become familiar with the country, its climate and weather then you will know what clothes and other stuff to take with you.

Iceland encounters different seasons, though some of these seasons might go a little too harsh and far with the weather but, all the seasons have their own advantages as well as disadvantages.


The weather here can change unpredictably and frequently. It is an important factor that you might want to keep in mind when paying a visit. However, the best month of all the twelve is September.

This is because, during this month, the weather here is unique and different. It is warmer than usual rather making Iceland comfortable and a little cozy. The midnight sun here is something you will not want to miss.

best time to visit Iceland

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Though the majority of the time this country is cold but during September, the weather is warm and exactly perfect for an official visit. It makes summer the best season to visit Iceland. However, people who prioritize hiking will say that month of July and August are a perfect time.

This is because due to the warm weather, even warmer than it is in September, hiking becomes easy and Iceland has countless spots that suit the activity. What makes it one of the best time to visit Iceland is the whole ambiance here.

In the months of February, March, September, and October, one thing that is on the top are the Northern lights. Iceland is very well known for this natural phenomenon and if you want to witness it yourself, then these are the ideal months that you might want to visit Iceland.

You will totally love the environment under these lights and it will leave you nothing but speechless.But, it also depends on you and why you want to visit Iceland.

There are a variety of things that you can do here and it depends on you and whatever you want to do and you can pick the months accordingly for that. In every month, Iceland offers something unique and different that you might as well witness for the first time in your life.


The highest temperature recorded during the summer is as high as 30 degree Celsius, but the average temperature recorded during the summers is 10 degree Celsius.

The concept of tourism in Iceland initiated a long time back. Since the old time, hikers and climbers visited Iceland only during the summers. This is because of the sun, the low weather becomes a little bearable and you get the opportunity to enjoy a sunny day in this country.

You can also go for camping and other adventures like this around the woods and what not. Also, you can visit different villages and camps in Iceland.

best time to visit Iceland


Summer truly is the best time to visit Iceland, as it gives a variety of activities that one can do here. The highlands here are only accessible during the summers too. During the winter, it becomes inaccessible.

This is because of the high weather, snow piles up on the hills and on the highland and during the summer it melts down. This makes the path visible and you can walk on it. The highlands here are extremely beautiful; it also brings the wildlife of the country out.

Another thing that might fascinate you is that during the summer, Iceland faces sunlight for 24 hours or a whole day. Other than that, during the summer Iceland also has the midnight sun.

If you, yourself prefer adventure and discovering new places or are visiting with a family that has teens or kids who are adventurous, then summer is by far the best time of the year. You easily get to spend the day outside and have a lot to enjoy.


The temperature gets to a 0 degree Celsius. If you are a nature freak, and love examining small beautiful scenes of nature occurring then visiting Iceland in spring is the best. You will see how all the animals wake up after hibernating and return back to their homes as the warm season tiptoes nearer.

Other than that, the leaves that withered during winters gain new leaves. From dry and gloomy, to bright and sunny. The environment all around the country changes. People start appearing out on the streets and go for outside visits as well as runs.

best time to visit Iceland


There are also smiles on the faces of people and they go out for something more than their job. Summer here is actually rare and people look forward to the season where all the darkness around finally fills with light.

This is also why the people in Iceland are so accepting. The population there might be less than 400,000 but people there are civilized and highly tolerant. They accept and greet foreigners and travelers with a smile and love to guide them around.

This is one of the things that just makes it even more worthy of a visit. People there rarely get to witness sunlight as winters there are very harsh and so, they have a high appreciation for such changes that occur in nature.

The changing of seasons seems like an unending drama, where when spring captures the leftovers of winter and autumn just to replace them with something captivating and fascinating. This is the beauty that Iceland has been gifted with. The changes in season here are visible and highly enjoyed.


People eagerly wait for that time of the year where they will be allowed to go out and have fun again. While in winters, they mostly stay indoors counting the days, just as spring arrives they run into streets and then fields and run their fingers on flowers that weren’t there sometime back. People here have a true appreciation and love for nature.

And so, the best time to visit Iceland is spring, it’s indeed perfect. You will witness streets going from empty to full, everything from animals to humans goes from hibernating to their old busy and bustle life.

The warmth of the sun melts away the piles of snow that have been sitting on the streets for weeks, just to liberate the people. Roads that were blocked due to the excessive amount of snow are reopened for traveling. In fact, hotels and restaurants are coming up with deals, new ideas, and renovations.

best time to visit Iceland


You might’ve experienced the feel of spring yourself and might even have unacknowledged it sometimes. But Iceland’s spring is something you will fall in love with. You wake up to the sunlight coming through the window, birds singing songs.

Indeed looking for the best time to visit Iceland, this is it. The voice of the cold and chilly breeze that blows in the winter is replaced with a rather sweet and low voice of a lovely bird that sits on a tree filled with leaves, shouting colors and happiness everywhere. You will notice that in parks and gardens, flowers of all type open up and the environment and atmosphere change for the good. It turns into a pleasant sensation.


The spring sun warms up your soul. The chill of the winter that sits within your bones is replaced with the warm rays of the sun, making you want to function again. Just get out of that blanket and do something today. This is why tourists idealize Iceland’s spring.

best time to visit Iceland


It seems as if the season brings a change within the soul of the people here. Spring occurs in April and May. Though it sits around for not too much of time, before it goes, it leaves a gift in the hearts of the people.


The time of autumn is from May to September. Also, the temperature can sometimes go as high to 20 degree Celsius. Autumn is also a great time to visit the island. The sun is out for about five to six hours straight and the nights here are also sunny.

best time to visit Iceland

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Autumn is ideal, as, during this time, the temperature is not too low and unbearable. You can easily bear with the weather during September. Also, one of the main reasons why Iceland attracts so much tourist attention is due to the Northern Lights.

These lights appear in September and people usually do visit it to witness this natural phenomenon that occurs on their own and themselves. While researching for when to visit Iceland, people usually seem to stop by this particular time of the year.


If you are unfamiliar with the words Northern lights then during the night, illuminations or in easier words rays of different colors like green, blue, pink etc. appear in the sky giving a beautiful look. It lasts until the end of winter.

People who visit Iceland during winters usually do to witness it. Also, the temperature can get as low as 0 degree Celsius as well so, if you are thinking of camping then you might want to keep an update on that too. As you do not want to be freezing, literally.

best time to visit Iceland


However, during autumn the vegetation etc. in Iceland remains in color giving a very pleasing outlook, making it one of the best time to visit Iceland. But as autumn ends and winter approaches near, the fields lose their colors and put on a white coat of snow.

The huts that are on mountains or hillsides close, roads and other routes taken by the bus are blocked due to the snow and then again, animals hibernate and go to sleep. The merry environment is rather changed. The chirping of birds is replaced with a cold breeze and winter approaches. All in all, it makes it one of the preferred and indeed the best time to go to Iceland.


Everywhere you go, there is snow. The temperature falls down largely and many roads are blocked. But that does not limit the beauty of this island. It still has many special places that you can visit.

best time to visit Iceland


Other than that, it also has northern lights and the New Year fireworks are one of the best. Totally spectacular. For best time to visit Iceland but maintaining a touch of privacy and festive spirit, this indeed is your cup of tea.

Average Monthly Temperature of Iceland

Best time to visit Iceland


The graph will help you to understand the coldest, hottest and moderate months in Iceland. From June to August Temperature is at peak. After August it starts dropping till January. Again it starts rising From February and lasts until August.

Best time to visit Iceland for PHOTOGRAPHY

Iceland is a great place for pictures. As during the summer or in other words, the best time of the year to visit Iceland, green fields make the perfect view and during the winters, the northern lights are something you might not want to miss capturing. So, all months are equal when it comes to photography.

best time to visit Iceland


Iceland is filled with places that are decorated with nothing but natural beauty. You can get the perfect photographs indeed. So no matter which time you choose to pay a visit or whatever is your definition of best time to visit Iceland, this heaven has something for everyone.


Best time to visit Iceland


The best months for hiking in Iceland are July and August, in short, those months when Iceland land is warm. This melts the snow that is literally piled up on places that you can use for a hike.

Other than that, during these two months you can use roads that are blocked in winter and when the weather gets warm, a new energy spreads in the atmosphere.


best time to visit Iceland


There is no doubt that Iceland has some of the world’s most deadly volcanoes. However, after their eruption in the past, these volcanoes have sat around and have become home to a very worthy scenery that you will not want to miss when you visit Iceland.

The volcanoes here are very beautiful and totally worth a visit. Iceland is not only an interesting place to visit but it is also suitable for you even if you are holding a low budget. Either way, it is also a good place to visit with your family as there are so many activities that you can do here which will leave you in awe.

There is no specific month, and they do not make any difference but tourists suggest visiting during the spring or summer season. When you visit during the months of these two seasons then due to the minimum amount of snow, you can explore the volcano with full liberty and without any obstruction.

You can hike to the top and even explore a magma chamber. However, the warmth of the lava that came out of the volcano can be still slightly felt.


Best time to visit Iceland


Animals like polar bears and penguins come out in winters. So, if you want to see animals that prefer cold climate then winter is welcomed. The months of November, December and January are the best months but in the cold weather, the majority of the animals go hibernate in winters.

The wildlife here is also great. You get to see animals like polar bears, whales, seals, penguins, geysers in Iceland.

If you want to see a vast wildlife then April to July are the ideal ones since animals come out of hibernation and are rather very active.


best time to visit Iceland

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Iceland is a very divergent place. It offers different attractions in different months all around the year. If you want to pick a time that is the best to visit with your friends, then the answer is all the twelve months. This is because in all the seasons and all the months, not only does Iceland offer different magnetism but it also has places that you can visit.

A trip to Iceland will surely be a nice one with some company, and all that this island offers you would not want to witness them without company.


Best time to visit Iceland


If you want to feel the warmth of the midnight sun with your partner, then summer is the best. If you want to see the natural phenomenon of Northern lights with your partner, then winter months are the best.

Iceland has love in the air. You and your partner will totally enjoy your trip to Iceland once they will explore the island. There is no specific month suitable for a visit with the love of your life since all months offer different attractions and phenomenon.


As mentioned before, Iceland has places that are worth a visit. With beaches having black sand to lagoons, waterfalls, volcanoes and what not. The weather here might be unpredictable and harsh but no way does it limit the beauty of the island. Usually, when people research when to visit Iceland, food and weather certainly play an imperative role.

Usually, people hesitate from visiting the Island. This is because they are strangers to what holds them. Iceland is the land of nature and once you come here you will be confused where to start from. There is too much to see that goes unnoticed by people around the world.

So indeed there is no specific best time to visit Iceland. Whenever you choose to go, you will not be disappointed!

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