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November 29, 2017 Free Things To Do

Bald Heda Island | Beaches in North Carolina


Remote and small village Bald Head Island, previously known as Smith Island is located in Brunswick County, on the east side of Cape Fear River.

The Island is the North-most village in the U.S.A

More than 80 % area of the Island is covered with natural reserves.

Bald Head Island is Famous for its sea turtle nesting activity. Bald Head village is part of Myrtle Island. The site is very picturesque. That is why, as many movies have been filmed at this beach.

According to the united states Census Bureau, The Population of Island was 158 People recorded in 2010.

Quick Sight-seen Tour

For the quick sight-seen tour, you can hire the Golf Cart or bicycle. Bicycles are available for kids and adults in every size. You can get free helmets for cycling. you need to have credit cards to pay the rents.

How do you get Bald Head Island?

You can reach the Island by Ferry. it is the only Transport you can avail to reach Bald Head.

Cars are not allowed to reach the Island. You have to Park the Car at mainland terminal.

Very few people use the car in nearby town. Most of the people use Golf Carts instead of Cars.

Things to do in Bald Island NC | Attraction of Bald Head Island

  1. Old Baldy
  2. Maritime Forest Preserve
  3. East Beach Access # 42
  4. Bald Head Island Conservancy
  5. The Sail Shop
  6. Smith Island Spa & Saloon
  7. Impulsive Charters (Boat Tours )
  8. Bald Head Island Club

Can I drive on Island?

You are not allowed to drive cars on Island

Best time to visit Bald Head Island

Most rushy months to visit Island is from April to September. while September is the most congested month on Island.